Hosted Domains And Emails FAQs

Q: How do I access my domain’s Control Panel?

A: Login to Username: admin@(yourdomain), Password: (your domain password).


Q: How to access FTP for my domain?

A: You may use the following information to access your domain FTP. The same information and format for all FTP client:

Host: use your domain name or use the IP:

Username: your domain name

Password: **use the provided password**

Take note that the server allows FTP (port 21) and SCP (via SSH, port 22) connections only. SFTP is currently not supported. For FTP clients we recommend using either Filezilla or WinSCP.

You may activate SCP by enabling SSH under the SSH Manager in your:

Control Panel > Manage Websites > SSH Manager.


Q: What is the storage size of my domain?

A:  Each hosted domain is allotted 10GB of hosting space.


Q: Does 10G of hosting storage includes the mailbox size for the hosted email?

A: No. Mailbox size and hosting storage are provisioned separately.


Q: Will a hosted domain email work with Webmail 8?

A: No. It will not work as Webmail 8 is stored from a different server.


Q: What is the maximum Mailbox size for hosted domains?

A: A mailbox is provisioned with 5GB of storage.


Q: What is the maximum number of emails sent per day?

A: You have a maximum of 500 outgoing messages in a day.


Q: Do I need a separate application to manage my Spam messages?

A: Spam Management/Settings are integrated in the Webmail platform. There is no need for a separate application as Spam messages can be managed within your mailbox settings.


Q: What are the supported port numbers for hosted emails?

A: Hosted email servers listen on all standard SMTP, POP3 and IMAP ports. They are as follows:

SMTP:  25, 587, 1025

SMTPs (ssl): 465

POP3:  110

POP3s (ssl): 995

IMAP: 143

IMAPs (ssl): 993


Q: When selecting TLS or SSL based connection, I get a certificate notice asking me to accept the certificate.  Why is this?

A:  The reason this happens is because you are likely using mail(yourdomain).com to connect to the mail server. When the mail client verifies the certificate against the domain there is a mismatch event so a warning pops up.  Intelligently designed email clients will allow the subscriber to accept the certificate and it will never ask again.  Other email clients (like Outlook) will pop-up this warning every time they open Outlook.

To avoid this notice all-together in Outlook or other email clients, instead of using for email, use as your incoming and outgoing mail server.


Q: Do we offer services for managing subscribers’ domain?

A: No. We do not offer such services.

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