Personal Webspace No Longer Available

I used to access my personal web page. Why is it no longer available now?

Following the completion of the hosting server upgrades, legacy servers along with the personal web space service will be decommissioned. Personal webspace was popular ten to fifteen years ago, and legacy support for this service has been maintained long after it’s been replaced by much more popular and powerful content management services such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogspot, and many others. Only a tiny fraction of subscribers still use personal webspace, so the new servers no longer support this legacy service.


What happened to my files or web contents?

Subscribers hosting  website via the personal web space service will be able to access their content until August 20, 2015. By September 15, 2015 all personal web space accounts will be deactivated as the servers are decommissioned. It is strongly recommend that subscribers subscribe to a professional hosting account to continue hosting content online.

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