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How do I pay my bills online?

To pay bills online, log in to your online Account Manager: Click Pay my bill from the options on the left.  Enter your credit card information. Click on Post Payment

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Can I update or change my credit card information for my automatic billing online?

Yes. There are two ways to update or change your credit card information for your automatic billing online. First is through your online Account Manager and second is with the help of our Support Team through phone. To update credit

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I paid a prorated amount for my first month’s service. Will I get a partial refund if I cancel service in the middle of a month?

Since our network providers charge us a full month’s rate for your usage on an existing line in a given month, we do not prorate our cancellations.

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How can my first billing be showing greater than one month’s charges?

We charge a prorated amount for a partial month plus one month in advance when you start your account with us.

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