Webmail: Downloading email from a POP3 account

This tutorial will show you how to download messages from another email account into Webmail using POP3.

To set up a POP3 account in Webmail, complete the following steps:

  • ClickSettings.


  • Click Preferences, and then click Other Accounts.


  • In the Other Accounts pane, click Add.


  • Complete the fields on the Add POP3 Account page as follows:
  • Email—Enter the full email address of the other account.
  • Username—Enter the username you use to log in to your other email account.
  • Password—Enter the password you use to log in to the other email account.
  • Provider—From the drop-down list, choose the account’s service provider.
  • Server Address—The server address can be obtained from the provider of the email account you are trying to download.
  • Server Port—Use port 110 if you do not put a check in the Use SSL box. Use port 993 if you do put a check in the Use SSL box.
  • Use SSL—Putting a check in this box will make Webmail access your other email account through an encrypted connection.
  • Leave Messages On Server—Put a check in this box if you want to leave a copy of the messages you download in the original email account.
  • Default Folder—Select the folder to which you want to download the messages from your other email account.
  • Test connection on save—Click to put a checkmark in this box if you want to test the connection to this account when you save the configuration.
  • Import old messages—Click to put a checkmark in this box if you want to import all existing messages from the account. If you don’t select this option, only new, unread messages will be imported.


  • Click Submit.
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