Cable Internet Service for Jeffnet Subscribers FAQs

Q: What is Cable internet service?

A: Cable Internet is a type of broadband connection that transmits data over a cable television network. Cable internet is typically faster than DSL and cheaper that fiber-optics. It does not require a phone line to get a service. Unlike Dialup, cable connection is constantly connected and always ready.


Q: What is AFN Cable internet service?

A: AFN Cable is a Cable Internet Service offered to Jeffnet subscribers only within the city of Ashland in Oregon and only if AFN can service your location. Not all places in Ashland can be serviced by AFN. Cable lines are provided by Ashland Fiber Networks (AFN).  


Q: What modems work best on my AFN Cable service?

A: We recommend purchasing a Motorola Surfboard 6xxx series cable modem (SB6141, SB6120, SB6180) they are high quality modems that have worked on our network without problems. For the best performance on our network, make sure your modem is compatible with DOCSIS 3.0. DOCSIS 3.0 modems allow our network to distribute your bandwidth better for a more consistent connection.


Q: What wireless router models are compatible with AFN so I don’t have to run CAT5 wires between my computers?

A: AFN is compatible with most brands of routers. We recommend any of the major brands: Linksys, Netgear, D-Link, etc. We also recommend securing your wireless router with a password and by using either WPA or WPA2.


Q: Is there a usage cap applied on my current AFN Package?

A: Yes. Usage caps vary according to the AFN Package you availed. AFN Max Home – 200GB; AFN Max Streaming – 250GB, AFN Max Small Business – 500GB.


Q: I’m confused about the terms UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD. Can you tell me what this means?

A: Uploading is when you are transferring data from your computer to the internet. For example, sending an email or uploading a photo to a website. Downloading is when you are transferring data from the internet to your computer. Watching a video or surfing the internet primarily uses download.


Q: Is DOCSIS 3.0 modem required?

A: Yes. For new AFN Packages, DOCSIS 3.0 Modem is required. Older modems are no longer supported.


Q: Can we choose to have a Static IP address?

A: Yes. Static IP’s are available by request at $7 a month per IP address.


Q: I currently have an AFN Legacy package (AFN Choice, Preferred, Media Plus, etc.), can I upgrade my package?

A: Yes. Please contact the Billing Department to upgrade your package.


Q: Is there an additional fee to upgrade package?

A: No. There is no additional fee.


Q: If I buy a new cable modem, will it automatically work?

A: No. Your old modem must be deactivated first. Your new modem’s MAC ID will then be activated. Please contact Jeffnet Support for activating your new modem.


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