How I do I change my email password online?

Go to your internet service provider’s home page and click on Account Management.


Login with your account Username and Password. If you are not sure with your login credentials, simply click the option for password recovery.


  1. Click on Update my Password from the options at the left. A separate window will open showing your primary account credentials.


  1. Click the Advanced option to show your existing package/s and email/s.
  2. Look for the email account for password change. You want to make sure that the account is listed with Email as the Service and not the account for your other package/s.
  3. Click Edit to open the Edit Password window.
  4. Enter your old password and the desired new password. Strong passwords should be at least eight characters long, maximum of 30 characters, and must match at least 3 of the following:
    1. Upper case letter
    2. Lower case letter
    3. A number
    4. And a special character
  5. Don’t forget to click Save to apply the changes.
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