Email FAQs

Q: How do I access my email through Webmail?

A: To check your emails through Webmail, login to


Q: What is an email client?

A: An email client is an application that enables you to manage your inbox with sending, receiving and organizing messages directly from your desktop/mobile device. Specifically desktop email clients allow you to manage information exchanged via email messaging without actually having to log in and out as you typically do with web-based email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Popular desktop email clients include: Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail etc.


Q: Can I check my emails using Webmail and my email client at the same time?

A: Yes, you can check your email using Webmail and your email client at the same time.


Q: What are the supported port numbers for my emails?

A: Email servers listen on all standard SMTP, POP3 and IMAP ports. They are as follows:

Outgoing mail servers:

SMTP:  25, 587, 8025

SMTPs (ssl): 465

Incoming mail servers:

POP3:  110

POP3s (ssl): 995

IMAP: 143

IMAPs (ssl): 993


Q: What is the maximum Mailbox size for my email?

A: A mailbox is provisioned with 5GB of storage.


Q: Can I upgrade my Mailbox size limit?

A: No. Mailbox size upgrade is currently not available.


Q: Will disk usage also include junk mail folders for my email?

A: Yes, disk usage will take into account all email folders (i.e. Junk Email, Trash, and Sent Mail folders) associated with an email account.


Q: What is the maximum number of emails sent per day?

A: You have a maximum of 500 outgoing messages in a day.


Q: What is the maximum size for sending file attachments?

A: 25 Mb is the maximum file size for sending attachments.


Q: Do I need a separate application to manage my Spam messages?

A: Spam Management/Settings are integrated into the Webmail platform. There is no need for a separate application as Spam messages can be managed within your mailbox settings.


Q: When selecting TLS or SSL-based connection, I get a certificate notice asking me to accept the certificate.  Why is this?

A:  The reason this happens is that you are likely using mail(yourdomain).com to connect to the mail server. When the mail client verifies the certificate against the domain, there is a mismatch event, so a warning pops up.  Intelligently designed email clients will allow the subscriber to accept the certificate and it will never ask again.  Other email clients (like Outlook) will pop-up this warning every time they open Outlook.

To avoid this notice all-together in Outlook or other email clients, instead of using for email, use as your incoming and outgoing mail server.


Q: I accidentally deleted important emails in my mailbox, can I still restore them?

A: Our email servers can keep deleted emails to up to 14 days. After such period, deleted emails can no longer be recovered.


Q: How do I recover deleted messages?

A: Please contact the Support Team for concerns with email restore as it has to be manually done by the System Administrators.


Q: Do you offer email backup services?

A: No. Email backup is currently not offered.


Q: Can I change my email password directly from webmail?

A: No. You can change your email password by logging in to your Account Manager or contacting the Support Team to facilitate password change.


Q: How do I increase my disk space for my email?

A: First, be aware that a lot of SPAM email can build up in your Junk folder, this can sometimes account for limiting your disk space. To avoid this, it is best to empty your junk mail folder periodically. To empty your junk mail folder, select the folder and right click (an option to “Empty Folder” will appear) then select “Delete” to empty the folder contents.

You can also archive them in a local folder in an email client, and then they can be deleted from the account. This also frees up space.



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