Setting up an email account using Windows Mail


  1. Open Windows Mail by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking All Programs, and then clicking Windows Mail. Click the Tools menu, and then click Accounts. Click Add. After you click Add on the Internet Accounts screen, Windows Mail will ask what type of account you want to add.



  1. Click E‑mail Account, click Next..

  2. Enter the Email username and password. Click Next. Click Remember Password to store this setting. Otherwise, you will be prompted to manually enter a password whenever you access your mailbox via Windows mail.


  1. In the next window, enter the correct email server settings and proceed with the rest of the steps until finish.

  2. If you have issues either sending or receiving mails, configure the correct server port numbers. Some ISPs are blocking the default Port 25 which is a common process that’s designed to protect the service from spammers. Select Tools/Accounts. Select your email account from the list in the dialogue box, and choose Properties to bring up the Settings window. See sample shots below. Highlighted are the important settings. Leave the rest of the options to default. Also refer to the table below for the applicable port numbers to use.






To update email server settings:


Open Windows Live Mail and click the Accounts tab. or File > Options > Email Accounts

Select the email account that you want to update, right-click and select Properties.

From the Mail Properties window, click Servers.

Under Server Information

Incoming Mail Server (POP/IMAP):

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):

Under Incoming Mail server

Email Username: (your complete email address)

Password: (your email password)

Log on using clear text authentication is selected

Under Outgoing Mail server

My server requires authentication must be checked

Click Settings.

Select Use same settings as my incoming mail server

Click the Advanced tab.

Set the Incoming server port to Use Defaults

This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) should be unchecked

Outgoing Server (SMTP): 25 (if account type is POP) or 587 (if account type is IMAP)

This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) should be unchecked

Leave the rest of the settings as it is.

Click Ok.

Close Windows Live Mail and relaunch it.

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