How To Setup PPPoE/PPPoA Settings In DSL Modems

DSL modems need to be configured with the correct PPPoE/PPPoA settings before it can connect to the internet. To setup internet configuration, a computer should be hardwired directly to the modem. The default gateway address is usually This default gateway will be used to access the modem setup page and setup PPPoE/PPPoA configuration. If in case the default gateway is not working, verify the computer’s IP as well as the default gateway address to determine the correct default gateway to be used in accessing the modem setup page.  Follow the steps below to setup PPPoE/PPPoA internet configuration for DSL modems (Actiontec and Zyxel).

On a computer that’s hardwired to the mode, open a web browser and type on the address bar and press enter.


If you’re prompted for modem login, key in the modem’s username and password which is usually displayed on a small sticker at the bottom of the modem.


Once logged in, click the Quick Setup icon.


Enter your PPP username and password and click Apply.


If you forgot/ lost your PPP username and PPP password, you may call your customer service hotline.

Alternately, you may configure PPP settings from Advanced Setup. Click the Advanced Setup icon and click WAN Settings from the left pane options. Make sure that the ISP Protocol is set to PPPoE/PPPoA. Enter PPP username and password.  Set IP Type as Dynamic as well as DNS Type. Click on Apply at the bottom.










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