Can I update or change my credit card information for my automatic billing online?

Yes. There are two ways to update or change your credit card information for your automatic billing online. First is through your online Account Manager and second is with the help of our Support Team through phone.

To update credit card information through the online Account Manager, follow the steps below:

Go to your internet service provider’s home page and click on Account Management.


Login with your account Username and Password. If you are not sure with your login credentials, simply click the option for password recovery.


Once logged in, click Update my Billing Info from the options at the left.


From the pop-up window,  click on Add/Edit Credit Cards under Payment Information.


Click the Write icon to edit your credit card information. Click the Plus icon if you want to add a different card.


Enter the new details of your existing credit card. Do not forget to click Save to successfully save the changes.

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